Occipital Acquires Replica Labs

02 June 2016 — Today, we’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of Replica Labs.


Replica Labs specializes in 3D reconstruction from a single camera, like the ones built into every consumer smartphone. We will reveal more about our plans for Replica’s technology over time, but this technology could lead to a future release of Structure SDK that can reconstruct scenes and objects in 3D without any depth sensing hardware.

We believe that every device you carry with you should be a spatial computing device. One that is capable of precisely understanding your surroundings and your movements. Towards that future, today we’re also revealing a feature that lets any phone or tablet with a single camera interact scale-accurately with a captured scene.

This new feature requires a single depth-powered device with a Structure Sensor to capture the scene, but then any number of standard devices can interact with it. The feature is part of our new Bridge Engine, and is being released to beta testers today:

Replica Labs technology is already integrated into Occipital, and the team is headquartered at our Boulder office.

Welcome to Occipital, Replica Labs!

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