Mobile Mixed Reality Ships Today

28 April 2017

Today, we're shipping Bridge - a spatial computing device that brings mobile mixed reality and positionally-tracked virtual reality to developers and early adopters.

In January 2016, we launched Bridge Engine at CES [1], showing the world that mixed reality was possible within the constraints of today’s consumer-grade mobile devices. Throughout the year we worked with developers who created some incredible demos [2], and then launched a 3D printed kit enabling stereoscopic MR/VR with 6-DoF positional tracking and obstacle avoidance [3]. Finally, in December 2016, we unveiled Bridge to the world [4] and shipped the Explorer Edition to adventurous developers.

Now, we’re opening Bridge up to a wider audience to help enable a new form of computing where software can reach out and interact with the real world. These are still early days in the world of spatial computing - expect a lot more from Occipital in the coming months and beyond.

— The Occipital Team

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