TapMeasure Launches Today

19 September 2017

Today, we're announcing TapMeasure.

TapMeasure is a spatial utility that combines computer vision and AR, creating a whole new way to capture and measure your space. Using nothing more than an iPhone, as well as a blend of our own advanced computer vision and parts of Apple's new ARKit, TapMeasure lets you quickly capture point-to-point measurements on the fly. But it does more than that.

Hanging artwork? TapMeasure will ensure that it is hung perfectly level with the ground. Need a floor plan of a room? You can make one with TapMeasure - in 3D. Just like Canvas, TapMeasure lets you export a model of any room to SketchUp. TapMeasure models aren't as rich and detailed as Canvas models, but they're the quickest way to get your next home project started.

As of today, TapMeasure is available to download in the iOS App Store. Download a copy and try it out, and then let us know what you think. What will you measure next?

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