Announcing Occipital Tracking

31 May 2017

Today, Occipital is launching 6-DoF tracking for AR/VR devices that can use just a single camera and IMU. Occipital Tracking achieves Lighthouse-level user experience with no need for external trackers or hardware. Occipital Tracking is also able to reconstruct and render a representation of the user's real world environment in VR using SLAM with a single camera. This lets users avoid obstacles and explore virtual environments more safely.

We are aiming to help set the standard for what the UX should be with SLAM-based tracking and mapping for VR and AR. To help bring positional tracking to more devices, Occipital Tracking will be free for up to 10,000 units for anyone making a consumer AR/VR device and will work with Mono + IMU, Stereo + IMU, and RGBD sensing.

You can read more here:

— The Occipital Team

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